• Criminal & Civil Investigations

    There is no room for error or time to lose during legal proceedings. With over fifteen years of experience, Greystones Investigation specializes in leading criminal and civil investigations. We locate key witnesses, conduct meticulous interviews, and develop detailed information about involved parties using cutting-edge databases. Great representation and good detective work can make or break your case. If reasonable doubt can be found, we will find it.

  • Surveillance
    Has your spouse just been acting differently lately? Do you suspect that they are having an affair? Is your ex violating some part of the custody agreement? Surveillance could answer these nagging questions. We have the equipment and the experienced investigators to perform discreet and effective surveillance to give you the evidence you need. Contact us for a free estimate.
  • Witness Interviews
    With a combination of compassion and intelligence, we at Greystones are proud of the thousands of thorough, case-winning witness interviews we have conducted over the years. No matter what the case, with fifteen years of experience we know what questions to ask and how to engage a witness.
  • Locates
    Using the most current resources available and with years of skip tracing experience, Greystones has been locating hard to find witnesses for years. Using a multi-disciplinary method, RMV, the internet, social media tools and contacts, we will find even the most difficult duckers out there! Please note that Greystones will only locate an individual for an attorney.
  • Background Checks
    Using a multi-disciplinary method and the most up to date data on the internet, Greystones is your number one choice for doing background checks. If it is out there, we will find it quickly and discreetly. Met someone on line but not all together sure about them? Get a queasy feeling about a prospective employee? Need to make sure your nanny isn’t a partier? Contact us for a free estimate.